At Skitchine, endless wilderness is yours to explore.

Craft your experience

At Skitchine Lodge the fishing is just the beginning. Our wilderness location provides for a wide variety of outdoor activities. Guests enjoy hiking, orienteering, canoeing, photography, swimming and star gazing, to name just a few. Meanwhile, our luxurious accommodations and great service may tempt you to just sit back and enjoy the peace and tranquility that surrounds you.

Venture out and explore

Hiking is a favorite activity amongst our guests. Bonaparte Provincial Park is home to abundant animal and plant life that is ready to be explored and discovered. The area is covered by extensive sub-alpine meadows and forests. Expect to see any or all of our local bird species, including loons, grouse, osprey, Sandhill Cranes, Great Horned Owls and eagles. Common animal sightings include squirrels, martens, fishers (weasels), beavers, mule deer, moose and even the occasional black bear.

Exploring any of the well marked trails leaving from the lodge brings you into direct contact with this beautiful wilderness. Our network of trails provides guests with the opportunity for a casual stroll or a more adventurous hike. And, since the park prohibits the use of motor vehicles, you can be sure that wherever you go, the natural wilderness is yours to enjoy in peace and quiet. The Lodge can provide you with everything you need to make your back country adventure safe and enjoyable.

Reach new heights

The most dramatic feature of the Skitchine Lodge location is Skoatl Point, an extinct volcanic core rising majestically above Dagger Lake. No trip to Skitchine is complete without a hike to the top; a mildly strenuous ascent that results in breathtaking panoramic views that stretch as far as the Coast Mountains to the west and the Canadian Rockies to the east.

Skoatl Point is also the most photographed feature in the region. The constantly changing light conditions lure photographers of all skill levels to forget about catching fish, and capture its beauty instead.

Skitchine Lodge – so much more than just fishing.

View from Skoatl Point. Photo credit: Logan Evans 2021 (@loganevansphoto)