Skitchine News

July 2017 - Happy Canada 150!

Well early July had beautiful hot, dry weather. Later July was just hot and dry. Dust and smoke were the norm but we all persevered and still saw some great days on our lakes. Dad’s, Estelle and even Walden being some of the star lakes this month. Ric Kendall entered the race for Skitchine lore with his 23” on  Walden… just kidding, on Bobs, tying Mr. Jefferson’s June entry. Lloyd Prefontaine’s oar right system is being introduced to many of the outer lakes with very positive reviews from our anglers! Thanks Lloyd for all your hard and very thorough investigating. The fish really don’t stand a chance now! The lodge looked great for Canada day with many flags, decorations, and an enthusiastic full house. The wildflowers this year have been loving the weather. With oceans of lupine and fireweed.


Fun Fact: Did you know Fireweed are called that because they are the first flowers to grow after a fire, also known as Bomb weeds in Britain. And are totally edible! “Could I have the Bomb weed on rye with a side of lupine rings”. Wild life in the area: cow moose and calf frolicking in the Dagger, multiple bear sightings and a couple of cougars in the parking lot (insert joke here). All in all, July was a great month enjoyed by many, possibly one of our busiest months ever, we look forward to an outstanding wet and cold August!


We hope to see everyone here soon!


May your casts be long and your windknots rare.

Mark and Tania