Trout Times are Here Again!

May 2018

Trout Times are Here Again!

This year Tania and I plowed into the resort on May 17th. There was an average amount of snow still on the ground because of the 30 degree weather we were enjoying. I plowed into the resort in shorts, which was a first! But I will say this, there is something really wrong with shovelling snow while being eaten alive by mosquitos!

We arrived at the lodge to find the lake was ice free. Probably off the day before on the 16th.

With the usual small hiccups of burst pipes and damaged roof venting, we had the resort up and running in a few days with water and power. 

We are very excited to have Danita and Nancy return to the starting line up, and happy to have Vernon join us as the camp rookie. Tania will continue as the head chef.

Unfortunately Jamieson will not be open this year as they are doing extensive repairs, but should be open for next year. The same 2 routes we used last year will be available for your driving pleasure (O'Connor onto Wentworth and Darlington via Barriere).  Westfraser felled a number of trees on 36 km road and they will be hauling them out in June, but they won't take long and they are aware that we will be on the road.

So we are open and ready for you (well most of you ;)). We cannot wait to see everyone, the trout really miss you, as do we.

Mark and Tania