Skitchine News

June 2018

It was a typical June up here at Skitchine this year; wet, cold, and even a few days of snow.  But that didn't dampen the spirits of our avid anglers. Bruce Kenny came out swinging on June 8th with a 24" hog of a fish! This was on Bob's of course, with an olive micro-leech. I believe a very heavily edited video of the catch is available on our website. 

We are still using the O'Connor Lake road access this year while they repair the Jamieson Creek road. We are told that Jamieson should be good to go for next year. 

In wildlife news Sally, our camp deer, gave birth to 2 fawns! All 3 plus the "Aunt" have been spotted around the Lodge and under the cabins. There has also been some great moose and bear sightings and 1 personal close encounter with a black wolf! 

Well the trails are cut, & the Lakes are open for business. We hope to see many of you in July for some warm weather and fast fishing! 

Tight lines,

Mark & Tania