Skitchine News

May 2017

Well it’s that time again, dust off your rods, stretch your lines and maybe even replace that 4 year old leader that’s still “long enough”!

This year we had more to deal with than the usual snow and fallen trees at plow in…floods! One Westfraser employee described the washouts on Jamieson as “multiple catastrophic washouts”! Meaning: find a new way in to the resort because this will not be fixed for a while! So we did, and that is the new very Magellan-like map everyone received. After some snow, tree and mudslide removals, we found the resort was still here and wintered well. This was on the 25th of May, very late start for us due to all the road closures and late snow pack. Ice was off the lake when we came in, we predict ice off around the 20th of May; based on nothing. It has been a quick open with luckily little setbacks.

We are extremely happy to welcome back Mr. Do-It-All, Mathieu, for his 3rd season – a new Skitchine record! We are pleased to have Danita joining us. She is very energetic and upbeat and will be a welcome addition to our team. Cooking duties will be taken care of by the lovely and vivacious Tania with the feisty and uber-talented Nancy! With the help from this great staff, we know it will be a successful and happy season here at the lodge. We look forward to seeing all of you real soon!

Keep your rod tip up, except when stripping! (take that how you want)

Mark & Tania

P.S.  – still many dates open in August; let’s fill those beds!