Photo Credit: Logan Evans | @loganevansphoto

a unique wilderness experience in a surprisingly accessible location

Skitchine Lodge is located on Dagger Lake in the Bonaparte Provincial Park, approximately 80 km (50 miles) northwest of Kamloops, British Columbia

The Lodge is easily reached from the South (Kamloops) or the North (Little Fort) via the Jamieson Creek Main Haul Road. 

Kamloops is easily reached by airline or by vehicle. It is less than a single day drive on major highways from Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Seattle, and has regular scheduled flights arriving at the Kamloops Airport (YKA).

At Skitchine Lodge our unique location means that our guests and members can be fishing or relaxing in pristine wilderness the same day they travel.

Private vehicles are not allowed within the park boundaries, so we provide transportation to the Lodge from a secure vehicle parking area near the park boundary.  Your wilderness experience will be free from urban noise and traffic!  

Total travel time from central Kamloops or Little Fort to the lodge is approximately two hours.